Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance

Robert B. McCray holds the prestigious positions of President & CEO at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, and Chairman of the Alliance Healthcare Foundation. He also provides his expertise as a Special Adviser to TripleTree LLC, and contributes to the strategic direction of the Midmark Corporation and CONNECT as a Board Member. Additionally, his advisory role extends to several other companies. With a rich background spanning over two and a half decades, Robert has honed his skills in various capacities such as a business owner, senior executive, and as a legal and transactional consultant to both private and public entities.

Robert’s previous professional journey includes key roles like President, COO, and being an initial investor at Digital On-Demand, Inc., a retail services technology firm known for its brand RedDotNet, collaborating with major retail chains like Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, Best Buy, Blockbuster, and Fred Meyer. He has also led HealthCap, Inc., a venture capital-backed physician practice management enterprise, as its Chairman, President, and CEO, achieving an impressive 90% CAGR return for investors. His role as Managing Director at Caremark Physician Resources was pivotal, guiding the company through its formative and rapid growth phases before its eventual acquisition by MedPartners, Inc. In addition, he co-founded OnCall Medicine, Inc., a medical house calls service. Before his ventures into business operations, Robert was a Managing Partner at his law firm, providing over two decades of transactional legal and consulting services to the healthcare sector.

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